April 16, 2012

Sally Wheat's updated home

So I was on Pinterest today (shocker!) and came across interior designer, Sally Wheat's updated Houston home.  I clicked through to one of the photos and realized that it had actually been taken by my cousin, Laurie Perez!  I am so excited for her and wish I could have been home in Houston to be her 'assistant' even though I know she has legit photography assistants.
Laurie is oh so talented and I always see her updates on FB when her work has been published.  However, I did not realize that she actually did Sally Wheat's home.  I am so incredibly excited since Sally rocks it and I think my cousin does as well!
Visit Modern Living to see more of Sally's awesome home.  Check out Laurie's portfolio here.  Yes, I am biased because we are related and all, but I think she really does great work.

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