May 31, 2011

Love list - in the threads and gullet

You may have caught the 'What I'm Loving' posts where I mention things I am currently digging.  I've decided to change it to the 'Love list' because well it just sounds better and who doesn't like 'love'.  So here we go!

The Forever 21 maternity line.  Sorry grandparents but I am not pregnant and do not see adding to our brood.  Our family of four has been working just great for us.  This also includes our fish, Nemo (yes, the kids named him), and our adorable pug.  However, for all those fashion fab pregnant mommas who still want to look great and not spend a lot, the Forever 21 maternity line is great for simple staples.

Speaking of clothes, Gap will soon be offering their own version of, so to speak.  Through (which is still in the works) you can name your price for an item.  If they accept it then you will receive confirmation and a coupon to pick it up at your local Gap store.  I really like this idea (after all, who doesn't like to set their own price) and think if it is a success other stores may soon follow suit.

Continuing on my love for baked goods, I am intrigued by the Babycakes appliances.  They remind me of George Foreman grills but in this case are used to make cupcakes, cake pops, donuts and whoopie pies.

The Babycakes cupcake maker can not only make mini cupcakes but also quiches and pies.  It is non stick and quick in that it only takes 5-8 minutes to make cupcakes.

It seem that the Babycakes cupcake maker is the bread and butter of the line but there is even a donut maker, whoopie pie maker and cake pop maker too.

I personally like making baked goods the old fashioned way, but for those in a hurry or room to store the appliances then this may be for you.

May 26, 2011

Gallery wall in the making

I know having a gallery wall is kind of a cliche in the blogger world but I personally like them.  To me, gallery walls tell an interesting story about the people who live in the home.  So guess what this blogger is putting together?  Yep, a gallery wall.

I originally didn't have plans to put one together but that all changed when I bought the angel wings.  I didn't know where I was going to put it in my house but I knew I couldn't leave the boutique without bringing it home.  Me and simple, artistic angel wings get along better than peanut butter and jelly.  So thanks to the wings my idea of creating a gallery wall began.

I found this frame at Kirkland's and it was on sale for only $7 plus some change.  I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it in its current state or spray paint it white.

Hobby Lobby is having some GREAT markdowns right now and because of this I was able to score this mirror for only $10 (normally retails for $29.99).

As a nod to our current home state, I wanted to include something Arizona in the gallery wall.  Unfortunately, several Borders stores closed shop here recently, but fortunately for me I was able to get this postcard for practically nothing.

Of course, our beloved home state of Texas will also be represented.  I think I am going to order this print.

I'm not in any hurry to put the gallery wall together because I only want items that are meaningful or that I really like.  However, I do have some ideas of things I want to put up there such as favorite quotes or a silhouette of our pug.  So far though I like the way it is looking.

May 25, 2011

Guest post - Destiny from A Place for Us

I am super excited to be starting my guest post series, My Perfect Room, today!  After doing several One Perfect Room posts where I gave my take on different rooms, I thought it would be great to get other bloggers input on their perfect rooms.  These could be rooms in their own homes or rooms they have come across via the Internet or magazines that inspire and wow them.

My first guest is Destiny from the blog A Place for Us.  She is also an AZ girl and I have really enjoyed getting to know her, via email, over the last couple of months.  I'm looking forward to meeting her in person soon!  Take it away Destiny...

Hi all you One Perfect Room readers! I’m so excited that Annette asked me to share with you today, My Perfect Room!

My name is Destiny and I’m the writer of A Place for Us Blog. It’s a place where I write about what I’m doing in my home to make it a comfy place for my family of FIVE. Including but not limited to nesting, making, photographing, crafting, and loving. All while experiencing the unconditional love of Christ!
Today I want to share with you what {MY PERFECT LAUNDRY ROOM} would look like!
Down my hallway you’ll find some charming little signs that lead to the office, the coat closet and laundry room but behind the white doors you’ll find a big fat room of….NOTHINGNESS. lol!
Ok…we did manage to put a washer and dryer in. But that’s IT!
While I have dreamed of what I would do to this space, life has kept me from doing anything to this room that I spend at least 25 percent of my time :0)
This room has great bones to be something great, pretty (for me of course) fun and functional for us.  I have paint samples up and even an inspiration picture I got from the internet! I have these wood vinyl floors that I could have some fun with.

Cabinets galore! Tons of storage here. I aways have to remind myself that I don’t need to fill up every single little space even thought I have the option too. These cabinets are gonna be painted for sure. White? Gray?
A nice deep sink.
And an empty wall perfect for a bench with baskets or something fancier like wood lockers with built in benches.

If you follow me on PINTEREST you can see all of my collected ideas for this Laundry Room/ Mudroom that reflects my style..which is ultimately my families style too;0)

The most practical one is the mudroom by Sarah Richardson. I think I can easily replicate something like this in my own laundry room. I can pick up a bench via craigslist or my local HomeGoods:0) Adding hooks will be easy too!
I love this blue laundry room because it’s the same layout as mine, long and narrow. I would love to replace my garage door with a window door!
I love the overall feel of this white laundry room. Fresh and calming. Its also VERY functional! Can’t beat that!
Thanks again for letting me share my Perfect Room! Make sure you stop by A Place For Us and say hi!

A big thank you to Destiny for participating in the My Perfect Room series.

May 24, 2011

Waverly tableware

I love Waverly fabricsI just used a Waverly fabric on my cane chair redo, so when I heard that Waverly and Hefty were teaming up to create disposable tableware I was intrigued.  After all, who says paper plates have to be boring.  It appears the folks at Waverly thought the same thing and want to bring some great, pretty patterns to our tables.

images via Waverly web site

I think this new line is a perfect and quick way to dress up a simple or casual party/get together.  The tableware is sold at Walmart stores and I have yet to venture in to see the product in person or the pricepoint.  In my eyes though, anytime design intersects with another area is a great thing.

May 23, 2011

Updated cane chair

You may recall from earlier this month when I found a cane chair for $10 at my local St. Vincent de Paul thrift store.  I love the lines on it and felt that with some paint and new fabric I could make it work for us. 

Here is the chair at the store, aka the before picture.

This is what it looks like now.

I took off the chair cushion, which in this case only required removing four long screws.  I was left with just the frame of the chair which I spray painted with a can of Zinsser cover stain oil based primer.

I then followed with two coats of Behr paint in Snow fall and Varathane water based polyurethane (in semi-gloss).  Both the paint and polyurethane were applied using my handy dandy Purdy brush.

I have to back up because I actually sanded the chair before I applied the polyurethane.  Once I applied the Behr paint I thought the chair looked too 'polished', so to speak, considering that cane chairs are not readily associated with being new.  Using 180 and 220 sandpaper I sanded various edges to give the chair more of a distressed look.

I'm really happy with the fabric I ended up choosing.  I was trying to decide between three fabrics but the Waverly fabric is just perfect and goes well with the Anthropologie bowl I wanted to tie in on the adjoining table.

I removed all of the old fabric and replaced the original cushion that was underneath with a new one that I bought at Joanne.  However, I ended up keeping the original wood board as the base and just placed my cushion and fabric on top, stapling it underneath to secure it all.  The original four long screws went back in to adhere the entire cushion pad to the chair.

I also plan on reworking the table that is next to the chair.  I am either going to change the finish on the table or put a dresser in its place (a yellow dresser has been calling my name).  I actually have a yellow dresser that was from my nursery when I was a baby but it is back home at my parents house in Texas.  I just may need to figure out those logistics and get it here stat!  Oh, and the wedding pic of me and the hubby is going to be replaced by a mirror or antique window.  I just haven't found the right piece yet.

I have to say I became a bit hooked redoing this chair and am wanting to do another piece sooner rather than later.

May 21, 2011

Family rules and sunburst frame

Last week I was killing some time in TJ Maxx while waiting to pick up my son from my preschool and came across two lovely items.  It is funny how you find things when you are not looking and then can not find anything when you are actually looking. 

Subway art is all over the place and has been for a while.  You can buy it from a number of places such as Z Gallerie.  There are also some really awesome hand made pieces that fab bloggers have made.  I came across this one and thought it was perfect for our family. 

I thoroughly believe in all of these sayings and want my children to grow up doing these things as well.  The only thing I would add to this is to 'pray.'  Otherwise, it is perfect.  I hung it by the back set of stairs (we have a dual staircase) that runs by both the family room and kitchen.  Since these are the most used areas in our house they are a great reminder to our kids when they may not be

I had originally planned on placing canvas photos of the kids on this wall.  I may still end up doing that (or perhaps silhouettes) as there is plenty of room as we have very high ceilings. 

I also found this sunburst frame as well which I thought was way cool.  I have seen plenty of sunburst mirrors in various shapes and sizes but a sunburst frame?  Well, actually no.  I'm not quite sure where it will end up residing but I like how it could go with either an antique or traditional style of decor.

So the next time I go shopping I'm going to tell myself that I am not looking for anything in particular.  Hopefully I'll stumble across something great again.

May 19, 2011

Vintage suitcases

My mom came across some vintage suitcases this past weekend at a garage sale.  She bought them because she thought a) my sister-in-law might be able to use them since she is decorating the nursery in a vintage theme or b) I might be able to do something with them.  Oh yeah and she only paid $5 for all three!

Stacking them and using them as a table immediately comes to mind.

Rie eclectic living room
Home and Harmony blog, image via Houzz

interior designs traditional porch
Chad Jackson Photo via Houzz

The suitcases in the two photos above are very similar in color to the ones my mom found.  I could just stack them and place a few objects on them and call it a day.
 However, I've also seen some creative uses for them.

image via Design Sponge

 A place to stash craft supplies...
image via Country Living

..Or place to hold and display books.
image via etsy shop, A Life through the Lens

 A suitcase makeover

A before and after project via Design Sponge that uses pretty paper and some Mod Podge to update a suitcase.  

This idea has my wheels turning.  I think it would be pretty cool to use different patterned papers or photos to cover a suitcase.  You could also use maps of the various places you have visited as a way of documenting your travels.

 Pet Beds
image via etsy shop, Lauralou's

My little pug-alicious would look so cute in one of these.

I also like the idea of just taking some paint to them and using your imagination to make them all yours.  These are whimsical and fun and would look great in a playroom or kids bedroom.

image via esty shop, Jez4U

As the inspiration photos show above there are many ways you can repurpose vintage suitcases.  I'm kind of partial to covering it with paper and/or maps or giving it a new coat of paint.  I'll have to put a bit more thought into what I want to do, but I like the potential of this project.

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