February 8, 2011

Fabric flower necklace and tutorial

I have been seeing all these cute killer fabric rolled roses everywhere and have been wanting to try my hand at making them.  I'm certainly not reinventing the wheel here but my mind has been spinning around thinking of all the wonderful items you could make with them.  You could place them on a fabric belt (which is so hot right now), use them on hair accessories or on clothing.

Here is my first attempt.  They are addicting and seriously cute!

My initial thoughts were to make a cute girls headband or something along those lines but seeing how I have two boys (I do not think flower super capes are in), I decided to make a little something for myself - a necklace! 

So let me back up and give the how to's on making this.  There are really only a few basic supplies you need: glue gun or fabri-tac, fabric, felt and a chain necklace.

To start out making the roses, cut strips of fabric (the cut does not have to be perfect!).  I bought my fabric at Hobby Lobby for $2.99 a yard and most of the time it is an additional 30% off, so it becomes really budget friendly.  You probably only need about a 1/4 of a yard of each color unless you planning on making multiple necklaces, headbands, etc.

Tie a knot on one end of the fabric and tuck the 'tail' under the knot and start wrapping it around the knot.

I started folding the fabric in half, as shown above, because it was easier to work with as I wrapped it around.  

Continue wrapping the fabric around, stopping often, using hot glue to secure the fabric.

Keep wrapping the fabric around and your flower will start taking shape.

Continue making flowers in your preferred fabrics and quantity.  Then start laying out the flowers on your felt to get an idea if you need to add more or less to your design.

I liked the arrangement so I took the hot glue gun, added glue to the back of each flower and placed them firmly on the felt.

Next cut around your flowers and felt so you are left with this.

 The front
Back view

Now take your chain and line it up where you want it and add hot glue to the felt and press your chain down so it will stick.

FYI - I had chain on hand that was super long and ended up using my nipper tool to cut it.  You can buy closed chains at any of the craft stores in the jewelry section eliminating the need to cut anything.  In fact, this one came from Hobby Lobby and would be perfect for this project!

Put hot glue all over the back of the felt because you will need to add another piece of felt to make it secure.   

Adding the second layer of felt helps support the weight of the flowers.  Simply cut the excess fabric away from the flowers being careful not to cut the first layer of felt or roses.  You are done!!!

Turn that bad boy over and admire what you just made!!

I'm still battling that yucky sickness from the weekend so all you will get is the above shot as I have been sans makeup for three days and a lovely red and chapped nose.  Thanks to the Internet we can share projects and not germs!

Oh, and in case you caught the second picture you will notice that I cut and also added a toggle clasp to my necklace.  I did not want to bore anyone with those details but if you are interested let me know and I can give directions for that!  With the nipper, plier and crimper tools you can do all kinds of good stuff in jewelry making.


Annette {One Perfect Room} said...

Was googling a flower necklace tutorial and came across yours!  Thanks for sharing. 

Annette {One Perfect Room} said...

i love it! been searching around for fabric flower necklace tutorial and this is just perfect! thanks for sharing this absolutely cute creation!

Annette {One Perfect Room} said...

Thank you! My neighbor and I are planning on having a 'craft day' very soon
where we plan on making more necklaces and headbands incorporating the
rolled flowers. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!

Annette {One Perfect Room} said...

this is beautiful

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