January 21, 2011

Blue, green and yellow themed party

I mentioned that birthdays are a big deal in our house and are even more so now that we have kids.  We make sure that the birthday boy or girl (which is essentially just me in this house full of boys) has a special day.  This means that I usually end up decorating around some sort of theme.  Of course, the kids always want something like Spiderman or some type of superhero so it was nice to do something different for my husband's birthday this past week.

I decided to go with a blue and green theme for his birthday.  We went out to dinner so I ended up styling the table as a dessert table, rather than as a full blown shindig.  That kind of fanciness is kind of reserved for the kids and all the fun that comes with a big birthday party.

So even though I didn't go grand I still like how his blue and green mini dessert table turned out.

I had this wrapping paper already on hand and it fit perfectly with the theme. I love using what you have to make things work!

I created the 'runner' of scalloped circles using construction paper and card stock from my paper supply. I thought about purchasing a plain round circle punch but ended up just using my scallop circle punch.

I decided to make a messy or whipped looking cake.  It is rather simple and pretty forgiving.  After frosting the cake you just use the back of a spoon to create the swirl or whoosh effects.

I also decided to add a cake bunting banner via Tom Kat Studio.

The theme of the blue and green continued with the inside of the cake!  I made two blue layers and one green layer.  All you taste is cake and not any yucky food coloring in case the coloring is throwing you off. 

Finally, I saved one of my favorite pictures for last.  This was the card from the kids and I love the way my son personalized it with a heart.

Grown up celebrations can not be fun too!


Annette {One Perfect Room} said...

I just bought that scallop circle punch for another project and I love how you used the circles here as the runnner--great idea! 

Annette {One Perfect Room} said...

Thanks Kristen! You can do so many fun things with punches. I have four or
five different ones and have told myself I am not going to buy any more, for
now anyway. :)

Annette {One Perfect Room} said...

i love the confetti and cake!!

Annette {One Perfect Room} said...

Thanks Lili! I'm always up for a good party, no matter how big or small.
Too bad birthdays only come once a year. :)

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